Here’s a playlist to celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Here’s a playlist to celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Published September 16, 2022
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by: Aaron Tolentino

Posted: Sep 15, 2022 / 09:23 PM PDT

Updated: Sep 15, 2022 / 09:24 PM PDT

(KRON) — While a number of Americans think Cinco de Mayo is the biggest holiday of the year for Mexicans, it is actually on a day that falls later in the year. Sept. 16 is the date for Mexican Independence Day, not May 5.

This year, Mexican Independence Day falls on a Friday — setting up opportunities for an entire weekend of celebration. It is guaranteed Mexican and Mexican-American families across the country will have gatherings to celebrate.

To celebrate, here’s a list of traditional anthems and hit songs from Mexico.

The artist of the song can vary, but if you search on any streaming service, the most popular version usually pops up first. Some songs date back to early as the 1970s but have remained popular as newer artists cover the song. For example, “El Rey” was released in 1971 by José Alfredo Jiménez but was also made popular by Vicente Fernandez in 1991.

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This weekend, expect families to gather for a party to watch boxing — a tradition for Mexicans dating back to other legendary boxers such as Érik Morales and Julio César Chávez.

For this current generation, it’s Canelo Álvarez who is set to fight rival Gennady Golovkin for a third time on Saturday in Las Vegas. Álvarez is the biggest star in boxing and is beloved by millions of Mexican fans across the globe.

Álvarez, who is from Guadalajara, has made it a tradition to try to have his fights on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Independence Day. This will be the first year since 2017 he fought on both those holiday weekends.

Álvarez, 32, fought Golovkin in 2017, which ended in a controversial draw. The rematch in 2018 resulted in a close majority decision for Canelo.

You can watch the fight on DAZN PPV or on You can also enter your zip code HERE to find a nearby bar that is showing the fight.

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Sept. 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs until Oct. 15. For a list of events across the Bay Area, click here.

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