Kansas Football’s Twitter Does Hilarious Q&A During Lightning Delay

Kansas Football’s Twitter Does Hilarious Q&A During Lightning Delay

Published September 18, 2022
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The Kansas football Twitter account decided to have a little fun with users Saturday after a lightning delay halted the Jayhawks’s game against Houston in the first half.

While fans checked social media for updates on when play would resume, the KU account helped them past the time by holding an impromptu Q&A where no question was off limits. And the responses made for a hilarious moment of levity in the middle of what had been a tight, 14-all game up to that point.

KU’s Q&A touched on a number of topics, ranging from the team’s favorite non Big-12 rival to one of social media’s most debated conundrums: is a hot dog actually a sandwich? But the most popular question of the bunch came from one user asking for dating advice, which KU answered like a best friend waiting to cheer you up after a long day.

The back-and-forth continued for close to an hour before football became the focus once again as play finally resumed after an hour and nine-minute delay. Fortunately for Jayhawks fans, the good times kept rolling coming out of the break after Jalon Daniels found Luke Grimm for a touchdown to take a 21-14 lead.

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The Jayhawks would go on to claim a 48-30 win to begin the year 3-0. And, although the game ball may stay in the locker room, KU’s social media team certainly deserves a shout-out for keeping the energy up.

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