How to Turn On Snapchat Notifications

How to Turn On Snapchat Notifications

Published September 20, 2022
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This article will show you how to turn on Snapchat notifications and stay on top of shared messages, photos, videos, and stories. You should also check the same settings when you think that Snapchat is overwhelming you with too many notifications.

Snapchat has a variety of notification settings to cover every type of social interaction on the app. Snapchat’s default feature manages all of them but starts with the global Snapchat notification permission in the phone’s settings.

Specific steps may differ based on the iOS or Android phone you are using, but the basic process will be the same. The instructions and illustrations are from the Snapchat app for iOS.

Check if you have enabled the global Snapchat notification settings from the Settings app on the iPhone. You can skip this step if you remember enabling it.

Open iPhone Settings from the home screen.

Select Notifications > Snapchat.

Select Allow Notifications and then set up the appearance of alerts and the notification style you prefer for the app.

To finetune Snapchat notifications, tap on Snapchat Notification Settings here or open Snapchat from the home screen.

Your changes will save automatically.

Snapchat has a variety of notifications, and there are toggle switches to manage them all. This control helps you receive only the alerts you want and to help minimize distractions.

In the Snapchat app, tap the Profile picture on the top-left of the screen.

Select Settings (gear icon).

Swipe down the screen and select Notifications.

Enable the toggle for each notification type you want to turn on (or off).

The Snapchat Notification screen has a small section at the foot for controlling alerts from stories you follow.

Go to Stories That I Follow and select Manage Story Notifications.

Tap the name of each Snapchat friend from which you want Story notifications. Their names will appear under a Selected group.

Select Done.

Snapchat allows you to set alerts for chats with specific Snapchatters or Snapchat Groups. This feature can help you mute a part of your network while staying updated with the rest.

Open Snapchat and go to the Chat screen.

Press and hold on the name of the person to which you want to set up the notification.

Select Chat Settings on the sliding menu that appears on the screen.

Enable the Message Notification switch if it’s grey.

To silence notifications from a Snapchat user, open their contact page and tap the three dots > Message Notifications > Silent.

If notifications are enabled on Snapchat but you’re still not getting app notifications, make sure that Do Not Disturb is turned off. Battery Saver Mode is another common culprit for notification issues.

To set up Apple Watch notifications, open the Apple Watch app on your phone and go to My Watch > Notifications > Snapchat > Mirror my iPhone.

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